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Pure 100% Fizzy Juice. Not From Concentrate.

Our Flavors

Frizzante juices primarily originate from orchards found in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia and are sourced from local farmers. This is a magnificent region of the USA where orchards flourish and hiking trails, river rapids, and famous underground caverns abound.

Frizzante pure sparkling juices are a product of the USA and are Not From Concentrate. These two characteristics are significant in that concentrated juices are heavily processed (resulting in a thick sugary substance that must be reconstituted with water) and they can include fruit syrup from any country in the world without record of their origin or fruit condition. Frizzante Pure NFC Sparkling Juices are fresh-pressed (minimally processed), contain no added sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Most importantly, since Frizzante Pure NFC Sparkling Juices are products of US Orchards, they are from known regulated sources.

99% of juices on the market are ‘from concentrate’, Frizzante is a healthy alternative to these juices. Many find Frizzante Pure NFC Sparkling Juices to be a great alternative to alcohol, while others find them to be excellent mixers!

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"Taste and See – It is Good!"TM

Why Not From Concentrate?

Concentrates are made by taking a fruit juice, heating it to a very high temperature and evaporating off the water. This leaves a thick syrup that's a small proportion of the original volume (as low as 12% with oranges). This makes it cheaper to ship (less weight). But that's not the end. When the drums of concentrated juice arrive at their destination, water is added back to restore the juice to its original volume and miscellaneous ingredients called 'add-backs' are added back to give the juice a 'fresh' aroma.

So the primary purpose for concentrating juice is to save money, on both storage and shipping costs.

There are also some other noteworthy concentrated facts:

  1. Quality
    The process that concentrates juice is really harsh. Because it's so harsh, it is futile to use the best fruit available. So concentrate manufacturers simply use their lowest quality fruits to make them. Not good.
  2. Nutrition
    Excess heat = less nutritional goodness. The heat kills the good stuff.
  3. It's less natural
    It’s just not right. Why boil perfectly good juice just to save a few bucks? Wrong every time.